The Snuts release groovy tune ‘Juan Belmonte’

Have you heard of The Snuts? Well now you have! Because you’re quite literally reading this article and now you have heard of them! So while you’re still here, you should listen to them. I mean, there’s not too much else on at the moment, Foals’ new record isn’t going anywhere, go back to it later. And what with the Brexit deadline coming up, you need distracting, I need distracting, we all need distracting before we all get sucked into a whirlpool of British based doom.

There aren’t many bands or artists whipping up bangers that wouldn’t look out of place on a FIFA soundtrack, even Dark Fruits drinkers are bored, waiting for the next Kasabian or Catfish tune to emerge from the murky depths of soon-to-be Tinder lad anthems, but the football game comparison does not deserve to be held in a bad light as I think we all need a good riff heavy, catchy indie track to remind us that it is still ok to have a good time in a gloomy climate, and the four piece Scottish band The Snuts have delivered with their new track Juan Belmonte, a record with a cohesive groove that with headphones on, you could easily stomp into puddles to and forget life around you for 3 minutes.

Listen to it below and have fun out there, be safe, let your pals know that you’re ok, talk to someone, anyone, wrap up warm as the temperature is getting frosty, support your local music venues, and it’s ok if you didn’t like The Joker, art is subjective! But I really like you.


Words: Roscoe Martin

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