A Love Letter to the Deaf Institute

A venue that we will hold close to our heart… 

It feels like just a hot second ago, I was lugging a heavy suitcase through Manchester town center on the 11th of January. The ever so slightly cold air felt a little bit like home and the excitement was whirling around in the pit of my stomach, it was a special time and an exciting one – the Deaf Institute had sold out with one of Coventry’s finest, Idle Noise as headliners. It was an important night, the second time Happy People had put on an event, and the bands collectively came together to sell it out – as a promoter, it’s an exhilarating feeling to be stood there at the time of the doors opening and seeing a crowd pile in, it’s surreal, to say the least. 

Myles Cheshire, The Sceptics, Parade, and Idle Noise blew the roof off of the Deaf Institute that evening, every flick of a guitar string, and every pounding beat of a drum was electric. The floor was shaking, the crowd was dancing and the venue was a stunning, victorian masterpiece that made this night that little bit extra special. ‘Happy People Presents: Part II’ was an extremely important night for us, one that we will never forget… that was the last time we got to stand in there, to watch our favourite bands on the stage. This venue holds one of our greatest memories, it has a piece of our heart and even though we may never meet again, we can definitely cherish the moments we had there. 

The Deaf Institute and Manchester’s other notorious venue, Gorilla, both announced their closures just a couple of days ago, spiraling unrest for gig-goers and music fans. The city is well known for its glorious scene that they hold with some of the countries most famous bands hailing from there. It’s the pinnacle of their culture and each and every other venue that surrounds the area are at risk… 

Here you can check out the Music Venue Trust for more information on closures and how you can help: http://musicvenuetrust.com/ 

Here you can make a direct donation to the GMV Crisis Fund (with Music Venue Trust) to help, support and protect your local grassroot venues: https://www.gofundme.com/f/2pt5g8k 



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