A short tale of an indie artist who got lost in the ever-changing hemisphere we call the music industry.

Too many artists and bands in the industry are lost and become just another name… 

In 2016/2017 Jordan Cardy who goes by the stage name Ratboy was the hottest act on the so-called ‘indie music scene’, but nowadays he is rarely spoken about when talking about upcoming gigs, whether it’s his own shows or in relation to him supporting. The fact he supported Liam Gallagher in December of 2017 shows the meteoric rise Ratboy was on, and to go from that to hardly even being mentioned on social media is shocking. So, what went wrong for him, and will he return to prominence?

It was a well-known fact that Ratboy’s gigs were amongst some of the rowdiest in the business with several being stopped midway through to calm down the crowds as people were in danger of being hurt – I was in-fact at a Ratboy set which got stopped and wasn’t able to continue due to worries about the crowd getting injured. Due to this, you wouldn’t be wrong in suggesting that Cardy had a huge, loyal fanbase (bear in mind at this point in time he hadn’t even released an album). Along with supporting the campaign ‘Girls Against’ which was there to help young fans of music safeguard against sexual assault at gigs, for both men and women, he seemed to be the indie sweetheart.

The pinnacle came for him in 2017, winning the award for NME’s Best New British Act, but ever since it seems to have gone downhill.

There are some allegations which were fired against Cardy which I won’t get into here, which may have lead to the demise of the indie darling, but what I’d like to focus on is the album he released in 2017 – ‘SCUM (Deluxe)’. His EP’s and singles were what gained Ratboy traction, but for some reason, this album signalled almost the end for him. Since its release, he has been mentioned less and less on social media. Not only this, but his recent releases are also practically unheard of and the venues he once sold out wouldn’t even be at half capacity for one of his gigs. So why is this?

After listening back to the album, I would argue only ‘Laidback’ is a good song, with fan favourites ‘Sign On’ and ‘Fake ID’, this makes only three listenable songs on ‘SCUM’ which has the running time of close to an hour. I can’t quite put my finger on it, and it seems neither could many of his fans with this album not resonating with them half as much as aforementioned EP’s. I remember seeing Ratboy support Circa Waves back in 2016 and the crowd were buzzing, so why aren’t they any more?

I guess time will tell with a tour coming up once gigs are back up and running, and I hope for Jordan’s sake that Ratboy can hit the heights they were destined to reach back in 2017, but for now, it seems as though they are just another indie band who will be lost in the ever-changing hemisphere we call the music industry.

Words: Dan Smith 

Artwork: Jordan Cardy 

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