Abbie Ozard – ‘True Romance’

Abbie Ozard dazzles us with a new single and video for ‘True Romance’

Expressing her longing to escape and adventure into the world, Abbie Ozard paints her dream run-away as the plot of Tarantino movie ‘true romance’. A homage to 90s film crossed with DIY bedroom pop, and we are all longing to join her. 

We can all understand (especially in “these times”) the monotony of life: the lackluster, the colourless days. We are all dreaming of the melodrama that could be our lives, as is Ozard. 

In the ‘True Romance’ video, we watch how being alone in her room makes Abbie stir crazy; how she squirms in her seat at the cafe by herself. Between these shots, we are running in a field behind her, or looking out the window of a car at the beautiful scenery. For a moment it feels we aren’t stuck here anymore: we have been taken into a golden-hued, dream pop world.

 “Growing up and living in a small town has made me dream of better things” – Abbie Ozard

True romance is exciting from the start: crunchy guitars and quick-step drums sit underneath inspirational melodies sung with cool, slacker bedroom pop vocals. Ozard gives us this impression of the girl that doesn’t really care what anyone thinks of her: she’s going to do what makes her happy. 

Paired with this sound is the nod to 90s movies in the video: an aesthetic achieved by using fisheye lenses and film filters. This romanticisation of the pre-phone era sets the scene for this song to be taking place in the moment. Ozard’s longing to experience life through her own eyes and not on a phone: by going out and seeing it yourself. 

Released via LAB Records, ‘true romance’ proves to be Abbie Ozard’s most exciting release yet. Calling on anyone who’s daydreaming in this winter lockdown, this song will make you claw at your bedroom walls and long for adventure.


Jack Pritchard

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