Albert Hammond Jr. offers up second single from ‘Francis Trouble’

Albert Hammond Jr somehow seems to not be defined by being in The Strokes more than his bandmates. No matter how hard Julian Casablancas tries to escape he will always be that bloke from the strokes to most people, Nick Valensi is in the band CRX but they’re hardly making shockwaves and Fab Moretti and Nikolai Fraiture are rarely to be heard of. What, perhaps, is most intriguing about this is that Hammond Jr. is a key component to the recognisable sound of The Strokes and it’s not a sound he runs away from in his solo work.

New single ‘Far Away Truths’ is the second offering for upcoming fourth studio album ‘Francis Trouble’ which is released March 9th on Red Bull Records. Filled with a crunchy rhythm guitar part playing choppy chords and a twangy bass line this could easily be a song released by The Strokes in 2004, it isn’t until Hammond Jr’s vocals come in that this song turns into a different beast. Reverb heavy vocals add a sense of space missing from so many modern guitar songs and the steadily fast paced beat keeps the energy up throughout the whole three and a half minutes.

‘Francis Trouble’ is an album about Hammond Jr’s stillborn twin which means it is bound to be emotion heavy and that shows in the guitarists vocal delivery on ‘Far Away Truths’. Albert Hammond Jr. has always made heartfelt, catchy tunes and the singles he’s released from his upcoming album suggest that isn’t going to change. ‘Francis Trouble’ is slowly becoming one of the most anticipated albums of 2018 and thank god we don’t have long left to wait!

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