Album Review: BLOXX – ‘Lie Out Loud’

BLOXX are set to release their debut album on the 28th of August and after four years in the making, it’s well worth the wait.


After grafting hard, BLOXX burst out onto the scene in September of 2016 with their debut single ‘Your Boyfriend’. They have then since gained love and praise from the likes of Annie Mac and Jack Saunders at BBC Radio 1 and Australian radio station Triple J and supporting the likes of The Wombats at Brixton, their success so far is untouchable. 

The title track opens with Ophelia Booth’s cutting edge vocals and Mozwin’s brilliant progressive drum beats. The song has an extremely captivating chorus that has Booth singing ‘I’m thinking, about you’ / ‘I hate that, I love that sound’ as she tells a story of being in love with someone despite their flaws – it’s enticing and made for massive crowds, it is guaranteed to get you moving… 

Following suit, ‘Coming up short’ has an instant groovy drumbeat and vibrant, infectious basslines that sling us into Fee’s beautiful vocals which project her hard-hitting lyrics of messy relationships, not being in control and struggling without loved ones. ‘Go out with you’ initially hit me as a more mature, grungy anthem. This was highlighted by the punk-infused bassline that echoes throughout the intro. However, when the chorus eventually hits, we are given the same poppy vibe of the rest of the album, I love how this song manages to switch between two rhythms.

No doubt a future fan favourite, ‘Thinking about yourself’: Booth spins a sad tale of being in a relationship with a partner that doesn’t accommodate someone’s needs and consistently thinks about themself. The chorus reflects this message, as it is grungy and full of attitude, almost reminiscent to early Paramore’s teen angsty with huge drum beats and big power chords that Ophelia’s powerhouse vocals manage to cut through! ‘Off my mind’ is a classic, young, and naive tune about love. Booth expresses the feeling of meeting someone and being instantly obsessed. These cool and almost adolescent lyrics are accompanied by some light and funky guitar work and also some brilliant harmonizing from Booth at the end of the chorus. 

Overall this album is fantastic, it’s filled with huge bangers destined for the biggest festival stages. With their congenial and witty lyricism, BLOXX’s grind has more than paid off with a debut that anyone on the indie scene would be incredibly proud of. 

Jack Horsley

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