Album Review: Brits & Pieces

New music champion Marc Rossiter creates an independent album ‘Brits & Pieces’ in which unsigned bands from around the country have been compiled to celebrate some of the freshest and, newest bands.

Inspired by the compilation albums of the 90s, Rossiter became a strong advocate for new music and emerging talent. At a time where live music is dead, the music industry is on its knees and the pandemic is affecting many young and new bands in more ways than one – he took it upon himself to collate an independent album that showcases the strong arm of amazing new bands. 

All profits made from the CD will be distributed between all of the bands showcased on ‘Brits & Pieces’; collectively everyone featured on the album have over 40,000 followers on Twitter and the aim for all involved is for it to be reached far and wide.

Full tracklist. Designed by Will Jones

The CD was mastered by the legendary producer and engineer, Nick Brine of ‘(What’s the Story) Morning Glory?’ and the glorious but contemporary artwork was designed by Stoke-On-Trent born designer, Will Jones. Every person involved with this album are all independent, they are all incredibly invested and have done some of the most incredible work. 

With a tracklist consisting of eighteen songs and bands, the likes of SPYRES, Glass Violet, The Lutras, The Capollos are involved and, many more. 

You can buy ‘Brits & Pieces’ via the link below.


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