Album Review: Jamie Webster – ‘We Get By’

2020 has seen Merseyside at the forefront once again, with Liverpool winning the premier league for the first time in thirty years. In a city that’s used to being ahead of the curve, life-long red and singer-songwriter Jamie Webster aimed for the top spot as well on Friday – with the release of his debut album ‘We Get By’. 

Despite gaining acclaim by playing football chants for his beloved Liverpool FC at BOSS events over the last few seasons, ‘We Get By’ sets out to show that Webster isn’t just a one-trick pony. His debut single, ‘Weekend In Paradise’, struck a chord with the youth of many generations as it detailed the trials and tribulations of being young and working class. ‘We Get By’ cements Webster into the hearts of the very people he represents. The opening track, ‘Down The Road’, is sonically different to anything else Webster has released on the run-up to the release – showing yet another dynamic in his all-star repertoire. Singles such as ‘Living For Yesterday’ and ‘This Place’ find themselves in fine company, with each tune sounding like it could’ve been a solid single. It’s ‘This Place’ though, used to celebrate Liverpool’s title-winning season, that sums up everything brilliant about Webster and his music. He pays homage to the city he loves dearly, with nods to the Mersey and St George’s Hall, and accompanies his jaunty acoustic guitar with flurries of synth that push the song into a territory that many thought he couldn’t explore with just him and his guitar.

‘We Get By’ is the poetry of the streets. It’s working Monday to Friday and spending it all by the early hours of Sunday morning. It’s being proud of your roots and not letting anyone tell you where you should be going, because in time you know you’ll get there. And unlike the reds, it shouldn’t take Jamie Webster that long to get to the top. 

Curtis Cooper

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