Album Review: Red Rum Club – ‘The Hollow of Humdrum

Hot out of Liverpool, Red Rum Club are back with a bang and, delivering their sophomore record ‘The Hollow Of Humdrum’. It’s groovy; packs a punch and definitely isn’t to be slept on! After having great success with their debut ‘Matador’ last year, without a doubt, this album is a top answer to follow with.


The album opens up with the most recent single ‘The Elevation’, with Red Rum Club being well known for their tunes that make you want to move and really bring that party vibe everybody loves. This track definitely doesn’t shy away from that with their iconic trumpet-blowing them through a catchy chorus. It’s a light-hearted tune touched with themes of love and support. 

‘Kids Addicted’ straight out the gates opens with high energy and the lyrics “Preach, preach about your problems on the medium that’s caused them, tell your friends”.  This resonated with me. It reminds me that I wouldn’t have half of the problems I would if my head wasn’t buried in social media as much as it is. I also ironically find myself moaning on Twitter way too much even though it’s the bane of my life. – it’s a wakeup call; with an added electrifying riff alongside it  

The first track on the record to take more of a laid back approach is ‘Favourite Record’ which hits a sweet spot. It’s a soft-spoken ballad about being stuck in a looping relationship “Then she lets me in / the song begins and never stops spinning”.  It’s a serene love song, it comes from a place of love especially towards the end which goes in the direction of content comfort.

Followed by ‘Eleanor’, a celebration takes place, but the lyrics are longing for their “Eleanor”. Someone who makes you whole and helps you be yourself. It’s a beautiful thing to experience but, there’s a contrast that works really well. It’s a love pop song. 

‘Brando’ takes centre stage as influences of 2013 Arctic Monkeys crashes through; vocals, guitar, drums, they all just fit. Francis’ vocals hold a twang reminiscent of Alex Turner’s voice from the AM days. When the sounds of the trumpet wraps itself around the track, it’s chill-inducing. Red Rum Club show their versatility perfectly. 

The grand finale comes in form of ‘Holy Horses’ – a deep bassline, upbeat drums and it feels like this is all or nothing, a way for them to say “we came, we conquered”. Glorious to say the least.

Overall this whole album has been a success; It’s engaging and leaves you wanting to listen to it over and over. Each track ordered perfectly and arranged decisively. Red Rum Club gifted us with this labour of love that they’ve nurtured over the past year and it has paid off…


Jack McGill
Deputy Editor

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