Album Review: Sea Girls – ‘Open Up Your Head’

Enticing vocals and perfect indie-rock songs, Sea Girls release their debut album ‘Open Up Your Head’ 

Formed in London in 2015, comprising of four members: Henry Camamile (vocals, guitar), Rory Young (lead guitar), Andrew Noswad (bass), and Oli Khan (drums); Sea Girl’s are known for their energetic live shows and their debut album ‘Open Up Your Head’ adds more catchy choruses and mosh worthy tracks to their discography, shedding life back into indie rock.

Lockdown was tough for a lot of us and during this time I found myself discovering a lot of new music, courtesy of my sister, who introduced me to them and I knew I had found something a little bit special. After hearing the single release of ‘Do You Really Wanna Know?’ in April and it’s thought-provoking lyrics on self-worth and mental health, it became apparent to me that this was a band that not only offered colourful melodies, catchy riffs and brilliant vocals but also contradicted this lyrically with slightly darker topics, which is masterful.

The album opens up with ‘Transplant’ and it’s enticing with the distinctive vocals which brought me right back to 2005 and how Paul Smith (vocals for Maximo Park) when Indie rock was at its peak, sets a promising scene for an incredible debut album. 

Previously released singles ‘Closer’ and ‘Violet’ both obtain that feel-good vibe with catchy choruses and songs that deserve to be sang with your mates in a field, on a summer’s day, cold drink in hand and enjoying alternative rock as it should be, this is an album that offers just that.

Other notable mentions include the fan favourite ‘All I Want To Hear You Say’ which opens up as a summer bop and is very reminiscent of the opening of ‘What do I know’ by Ed Sheeran, creating an uplifting beginning to the song, which seems to be Sea Girl’s signature touch. ‘Shake’ also stands out with the classy guitar rifts and the snare drum pulsating throughout.

‘Open Up Your Head’ delivers in a big way and contains many summer anthems that are definitely worth listening too. It has set the path for an exciting future of one of the world’s hottest indie bands around right now, big things were expected and they delivered. 


You can stream ‘Open Up Your Head’ on the link below:


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