Amalie Bryde – ‘Lay Down’

London based songwriter Amalie Bryde unleashes latest testament ‘Lay Down’.

The track is a commentary on the gender inequality that women face as Bryde encourages those to be strong and walk away from unfair situations they may face, whether that be in religion, politics or everyday life.

‘Lay Down’ is the perfect addition to the Danish-born singer’s discography, having been heavily inspired by neo-soul and jazz artists such as Erykah Badu, Nina Simone and Billie Holiday. Bryde draws upon honest lyricism to get her viewpoints across, which very much reflect the work of her idols.

Of course, this latest release is accompanied by a powerful video directed by Luke Logan. The visual opens with a statement, featuring multiple versions of Bryde lying in a fieldy fantasy, connected by rope which begins to squeeze their bodies and throats; restricting all possible movement.

It’s the perfect metaphor for how women are unable to express themselves through body and voice in ways that suit them, and instead, conform to existing pressures of society… until now. Bryde takes control back into her own hands, showing that she is boss and capable of breaking free and pursuing her own path.

‘Lay Down’ is a statement of empowerment at its finest and Bryde is certainly one to watch this year.

Minty Slater-Mearns

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