Andrew Cushin – ‘Where’s My Family Gone?’

Youngster Andrew Cushin, teams up with the legendary Noel Gallagher on his new single ‘Where’s My Family Gone?’ 

Twenty-year-old newcomer, Andrew Cushin plucks at his guitar strings whilst plucking the hearts of the nation in his new single ‘Where’s My Family Gone?’. Teaming up with one half of the Gallagher brothers, Noel – Cushin’s style is a perfect replica of his work. The production of this hit single was bound to become a candid, and real piece of work with the likes of iconic Noel Gallagher getting his mitts on it and producing it and Andrew’s extraordinary songwriting.

Andrew speaks about his new single: “I wrote Where’s My Family Gone when I was in a dark place. I hadn’t been speaking to my family or friends. I felt as though I had no outlet for the way I was feeling, and I wrote it in a little hotel room in Leeds before a gig. It started out as a darker track but the production that Noel has added to the song has pushed the track in a way that it’s now so much bigger and more uplifting. I can’t wait to play it live and see everyone’s faces when that colossal chorus hits”.

His stunning, raw voice is accompanied by smooth, serene licks of the guitar and an immense wave of passion and heartbreak – he’s the next big thing. 


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