Anja Kotar – ‘Simple’

Build your pillow fort in the living room: Anja Kotar shares her relatable new single ‘Simple’ 

For the past year, Kotar has been releasing incredibly catchy pop songs, that are a burst of energy and oozing with relatable lyrics. Her new offering ‘Simple’ was recorded and written during the first lockdown earlier this year, singing the words that many people wanted to hear to know that they weren’t alone. With so much uncertainty, loneliness, and sadness circulating our daily lives, Anja coos about the new reality as we spend our time at home, whether it’s working from our small desks in our bedrooms or we’re working on our hobbies – she just gets it: “and the world closed down / home with the family, our new reality / you and me with no distractions so let’s just keep it simple” she sings. 

Anja is extremely delicate as she speaks up about her lockdown experiences, and keeping things simple in terms of her music style which is contemporary and creates a mellow aura while she takes the ease and stress away from daily life. 

Anja explains ‘Simple’: “With global lockdowns, people were suddenly confined to their homes and life changed dramatically. Surrounded by four walls and a door, we were sort of forced to turn inwards and start focusing on our true selves, free from all of the distractions and busy schedules of life as ‘normal’. With so much going wrong this year, I wanted to write a song about all of the good that has come out of it. I’ve always believed that one of the greatest and most useful skills to acquire in life is the ability to find the brightness in the darkest of spots and ‘Simple’ is my musical version of that.” 

To put it simply, grab a tea and relax, because Anja is here to soothe you. 



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