Ariana Grande – No Tears Left to Cry “is truly an unapologetic and joyful song about picking yourself up”.  

Ariana Grandes lead single ‘No Tears Left To Cry’ from her upcoming fourth LP is finally here. Having been released just last week we take a look at the breakdown of the singles success and attitude.

Charting at number 1 on the official trending chart, 51M views and counting on YouTube and over 40M online streams, NTLTC is currently Ariana’s most successful release to date.

Following the Manchester attack last year, Ariana’s fan base and sound has changed and grown dramatically. Taking a positive spin on the worlds negative attitudes and using her slick voice to contrast the mellow piano beats that open the track to the uptempo R&B vibes introduced into the bridge.

Opening the track with the lyrics ‘Right now I’m in a state of mind, I wanna be in like all the time’ shows a movement forward from the past and introducing something new to ease the pain. The production of the track uses synthesised elements to blend her gorgeous voice in the chorus to the contrast of the heavy beats within the verse where her vocal are most powerful.

‘I’m lovin’ I’m livin’  I’m picking it up’ is an infectious and particularly easy lyric to learn and essential for a pop song. With fans anticipating a piano ballad based from the tracks title, a dark R&B mixed with synthesised pop creates a perfect contrast to start her new era.

On the line ‘Can’t stop, so shut your mouth’, Grande has turned ‘sassy’ and  she isn’t taking negative attitudes from anyone. Her voice almost growls as she pleasantly tells the haters to back off and seamlessly flows over the tracks production. NTLTC is truly an unapologetic and joyful song about picking yourself up.

The music video itself giving slight reference to Manchester, with the final shot displaying a bee leaving the grass, the entire video shows Ariana balancing in precarious positions as she contemplated moving forward. The one scene that left fans confused was where Grande is surrounded by different variations of the face on sticks, possibly to represent the different ‘states of mind’ which could have easily been replicated with mirrors instead and kept a simpler and less extravagant representation.

Receiving over 400k likes on her Twitter post indicating the release of ‘No Tears Left To Cry’ and a continuous trend for several days before the release it’s a safe bet Ariana is here to take over 2018 and save pop music.

Words: Jake Frain

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