Asher Knight – Alone

Bradford based singer-songwriter Asher Knight conjures up the apprehension of what we sometimes feel is undeserved love on his first single of the year, ‘Alone’.

The track, which is the first to be released from his upcoming EP of the same name, begins with a graceful guitar riff before welcoming Asher’s intoxicating vocals which we consume with absolute felicity.

Lines such as “it can be harder to love when you don’t feel enough” focus on the deep-seated misery of not being able to return the love that someone has for you because you feel as though they deserve better. “I never tell you enough / hold the emotional stuff” is a line that profoundly resonates with us because being emotionally unavailable is the metaphorical hand that slowly chokes the life out of our relationships.

The song is accompanied by a moving visual which perfectly captures the struggles that one can experience when allowing themselves to be loved; as the video’s lead moves instantaneously between spates of joy and melancholy.

Asher Knight has delivered a thought-provoking masterclass in the torment that accompanies loneliness and reminds us through the means of compelling artistry that we are all deserving of love.

Alister Ross

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