FlaKes – ‘Keep Going’

Just in time for you to have a boogie with your pals in the coming months! Riddled with funk-driven basslines and pure disco vibes, french five-piece FlaKes release their debut single ‘Keep Going’. Upon your first listen of ‘Keep Going’ you can tell the Frenchmen absolutely live for the groove, with synths popping here and [...]

PREMIERE: Susan – ‘Hold Still’

Susan sets free their first ethereal offering of the year with ‘Hold Still’. The imminent release is the first unveiling from their self-produced mixtape ’Suepreme’ which will see the London-based artist explore self-identification and discomposure through introspective dark-pop. ‘Hold Still’ focuses on a one-sided narrative and the realisation of chasing the love of somebody whose [...]

Luna Morgenstern – ‘In My Head’

Luna Morgenstern assumes the position as alt-pop’s melancholic frontrunner with ‘In My Head’. Cologne-born Luna Morgenstern is currently running rampant in the city of Amsterdam as she unveils the captivating ‘In My Head’ stripped from the debut EP ’Taking The Blow’. The perplexing new single developed during the heights of the first lockdown, where a [...]

Lauren Aquilina – ‘The Knife’

Lauren Aquilina cuts herself free from a toxic situation with new single ‘The Knife’. Bristolian singer-songwriter Lauren Aquilina returns to the pop-sphere with her explosive new single ‘The Knife’, accompanied by a music video paying homage to inspirations Avril Lavigne and Alanis Morrisette. Her first release in 2021, 'The Knife' is filled with punchy, distorted [...]

EP Review: The Nagging Doubts – ‘Autocalm’

It’s every so often that something very special comes out of Australia, this time the anomaly presents itself in the form of The Nagging Doubts sophomore EP, ‘Autocalm’. The incredibly versatile and forever surprising seven-track extended play is a true amalgamation of everything you love. From shoegaze to indie-pop there is something in this new [...]

Sunstinger – ‘Shadows’

The four-piece band from Fife continue to stamp their own sound on the shoegaze genre with their latest track 'Shadows'. 'Shadows' opens with a heavily distorted bassline that moulds into energetic drums guaranteed to get any rock fan on their feet. As the track builds into its crescendo, the instrumentation truly comes into its own [...]

Novacane – ‘Bad Breath’

Novacane serves up some rich psych-pop with the nostalgic ‘Bad Breath’. From the cool river valley of Eugene, Oregon, Novacane greets us with sentimental pop with hints of retro Americana lyricism destined for a mid-summer road trip getaway. Novacane bloomed the better half of a decade ago by Dylan Latimer, Oliver Lester and Zachary Clifton [...]

Harry Strange – ‘Dream About’

Harry Strange continues his climb to pop star status with ‘Dream About’: an exploration of unrequited love from a queer perspective. As well as being his first of 2021, it is Harry’s first single working alongside multi-instrumentalist Jamie Clarke instead of long-time collaborator Duncan Brookfield, pushing him towards a more layered sound. Although certainly still inhabiting [...]

Eleni C – ‘Black & White’

Eleni C

Princess of Pop Eleni C scores another home run with the impulsing ‘Black & White’. For those unfamiliar with Eleni C, the UK pop act has been spewing out liberating Europop anthems over the last couple of years with choruses built to command a crowd. Eleni’s ferocious attitude is present throughout the reggaetón beats of [...]