BAXTR – ‘Feathers’

Hailing from London, BAXTR release their empowering single ‘Feathers’.

“She doesn’t shave her legs because she’s perfect” Sings frontwoman Floss as the all-female band creates music to empower women; it’s utterly a feel-good tune that is oozing with happiness and dreamy nerd-pop influences. And, smashing all stigmas to the ground, BAXTR makes it their mission to send a perfect message to anyone struggling with their image and self-confidence.

As the group of three sends out positive vibes they also create cool, fist-pumping, arena-ready tunes that are addictive and fun and infused with 80s beats. These lovely ladies are extremely confident and bubbly, emitting their personality perfectly during ‘Feathers’ – they are a force of joy who want to celebrate self-worth and body positivity. It’s something we all need from time to time. 



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