Be Charlotte – ‘Back To Life’

Scottish artist Be Charlotte kicks back against seasonal depression as she releases the enigmatic ‘Back To Life’, bursting with opportunity, power, & re-discovery.

Speaking of the track, the artist shares that she wrote it “the day before lockdown. We managed to get in the studio and finish it. When I started writing it, I had a different intention”. With a positive & uplifting mantra, the single has arrived at a perfect time.

“It kind of went through the idea of when you’re going through the motions, and deep down you’re not enjoying yourself”. Representing self-love, Be Charlotte vibrantly calls to arms inner strength; it’s enlightening, endearing, and a little bit of magic that we all need right now.

‘Back To Life’ follows the release of October’s ‘Set Somebody Free’, an equally anthemic playlist staple, and June’s ‘Dreaming With The Lights Off’ EP. With more music on the way and whispers of an album on the horizon, ‘Back To Life’ is a perfect starting spot for a new chapter in the Dundee-born singers’ journey.

Jay Hawkridge

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