Beachfriends – ‘Psycho’

Flashbacks to youthful affection are immediate in Beachfriends’ ‘Psycho’

Comprising of two Oklahoma brothers Will and Charlie Spears and their Seattle-native vocalist Brady Ballew, Beachfriends evolved in the later part of 2018 where practising their craft in empty yoga studios has led to performing in and around Tulsa.

The weather is changing and moods are lifting, something Beachfriends are well aware of with the arrival of ‘Psycho’ – an effulgent offering packed with glistening synth and warming guitar.

With lyrics dissecting moment of falling hard, reading too much into it and being unafraid to look ‘Psycho’ for wanting somebody to yourself, the track reads like a teenage love letter: desperate, needy and outright adorable.

Brady puts forward that ‘Psycho’ is for everyone: “I think we’ve all felt like we’re so into someone that we can’t think straight or make sense of what we’re doing anymore. It can get intense. This song is celebrating losing your mind over someone.”

Jordan White
Assistant Editor

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