Beans on Toast – ‘Save the Music’

Beans on Toast exposes his love letter to his life partner, music.

With the release of single ‘Save the Music’. He expresses his feelings on the state of the music industry in today’s current climate. With his soft-spoken tone Beans on Toast asks for help for our sweet beloved music. “There’s a venue on the edge of town, a place that likes to play the music loud, a place that offers shelter from that bullshit”. Reminding us what music actually does for us as people and how venues can be a safe haven for gig-goers. He voices how important it is that we keep music alive in such difficult times. “So you can save your life, you can save your money, save your kisses for your true love honey but please, save the music”.

The rawest form of human expression, in my opinion, is music and that’s what this song is about. It’s about not just giving up on so much of what makes us individuals rather than just drones that are in the queue that we call life. Beans on Toast is paving the way for artists to use their voices to keep this industry running as he realises that music is the tool that brings us all together no matter what race, class, or creed people are from. ‘Save the Music’ is a heartfelt love letter to music that we all needed to wake us up from this morbid dream we all seem to be living at the moment, and I don’t think we would have it without Beans on Toast.

Beans on Toast has recently started doing a run of outdoor gigs including Bristol on the 16th and performing in Cumbria on the 28th this month. 


Jack McGill
Deputy Editor

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