Bess Atwell – ‘Co-op’

Past and present begins to blur on Bess Atwell’s newest blown-out-folk single ‘Co-op’.

On the precipice between melancholy and anticipation is perched the recent single from Brighton’s Bess Atwell, released on Real Kind Records. Continuing the singer-songwriter’s proficiency in her niche of lovelorn, syrupy reflective tracks, ‘Co-op’ strains against the constraints of time.

In Bess’ own words, ‘Co-op’ is fraught with “a memory that keeps interrupting the current moment”, strained juxtaposition evoking a hypnotically singular emotion. At once airy and sugar-coated, bitingly crisp without being cold; her vocals catch in the white noise of the breeze as she captures a tense duality: “I said I love him, I say I’m not in love”.

Atwell manages to combine an old school folk sensibility with hyper-specific moments, captured in aspic, transforming the mundane modernity of pop songs through a car radio to fable.  Despite the small-scale dioramas of a relationship that make up the track, the soundscape opens up to a point of cinematic grandeur, sweeping to elevate the personal to epic proportions.

Flora Pick

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