Black Country, New Road – ‘Track X’

Black Country, New Road unmask painful memories with soft-spoken lyrics and beautiful vocals. 

As the run-up to their debut album ‘For the first time’ quickly approaches, Black Country, New Road delivers with their new single ‘Track X’. The seven-piece are so musically diverse and have a much vaster wardrobe of instruments at their disposal – they are able to invoke emotion in a criminally intense fashion.

‘Track X’ reminisces and wades through seemingly uncomfortable memories, the type of memories more or less everyone has felt. Doused in sorrow Isaac Wood immortalises this pain in his vocals, offering simply a cathartic listening experience, but it isn’t all doom and gloom. With Georgia Ellery on violin, she transforms the track into something soft, delicate, and uplifting – opposing Isaacs’s vocals, yet one would not exist without the other. A lot of the words in many Black Country, New Road songs have a singularity to them and are often thought-provoking; ‘Track X’ is no exception. “You’ve got great hips/I’ve been shaking ever since, you told me no love in this house/Turned the inside, inside out”. These Londoners have once again shown that they are due to be massive come the release of their album next month, with their continuous creativity


Image Credits: El Hardwick 

Jack McGill
Deputy Editor

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