Black Honey – ‘Beaches’

Head to the beach with Black Honey and blast their summer anthem ‘Beaches’ 

After deleting all of their social media posts, going dark on us and lead singer Izzy Bee Phillips making a literal statement by burning their first album, they’ve come back with something completely different from anything they’ve ever released. With the likeness of Blondie and The Runaways, ‘Beaches’ is a far cry from the likes of their debut album.

The guitar riff throughout the song is impeccable, tying in with Izzy’s vocals perfectly. The song doesn’t seem to slow down at all; building up constantly and taking you on a rollercoaster of emotions. With the addition of trumpets comes a new sound for Black Honey, paving the way for their next album, which I’m undoubtedly excited for.

There’s no doubt that this song will be your new favourite; it’s catchy and I haven’t stopped listening to it on repeat since it’s been released. If you’re a fan of a loud, rhythmic indie-pop then look no further; ‘Beaches’ has it all.  Black Honey proves once again why they are the rock and roll heroes of indie music with this phenomenal bop.

Kamala Adams

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