Blood Wizard – ‘Carcrash’

Cai Burns, also known as Blood Wizard, and frontman of Nottingham based band Kagoule, lets loose with his first single ‘Car Crash’; his abnormal love ballad for an abnormal time, from forthcoming album ‘Western Spaghetti’.

With laidback vocals and garage-rock riffs, the feeling of the song is free and loose, giving off a great beach setting vibe! Burns’ lyrics are amusing and easy to crack a smile at; he shows how love is erratic and can present itself in different ways.

There is a sweetness and wholesomeness to the track, explained through the metaphorical words Cai uses. “See I like you but I’m not used to this sort of thing/ I’m your car crash every day, somehow you like just how hard it can be” emotional complexities aside, he references how someone can love you even if you are a bit rough around the edges, your imperfections, and insecurities. Accompanied by a sunset stained music video ‘Carcrash’ is a good sign of what’s to come from Burns’ debut record!



Jack McGill
Deputy Editor

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