BLOXX – ‘Off My Mind’

After being completely blown away by the poptastic, track ‘Lie Out Load’, BLOXX have smashed it out of the park with yet another tune, ‘Off My Mind’.

With the lyricist of BLOXX being Fee Booth, the frontwoman creates an earful of honest, passionate, stadium-ready songs and their new offering ‘Off My Mind’ is ready for the O2, to put it simply.

The groovy track provides energetic and refreshing beats, along with themes of sex and love. The frontwoman said, “I think ‘Off My Mind’ is the most intimate on the record and maybe that I’ve ever written. It’s definitely the most raw I’ve been in terms of descriptive content in lyricism. It’s quite purely a song about sex and love. Who doesn’t like that?“.

As the song shares stories of intimate moments, the video for the bouncy track is not – the socially distanced footage is springy, colourful and fresh but fitting in with Covid-19 guidelines. As Fee is allowed to move, dance, and is oozing with energy, you see the other band members in plastic see-through boxes but with the themes of homely patterns behind them. With smiles on their faces, this video is captivating and their characters shine through.

Their debut album ‘Lie Out Loud’ is released on the 28th of August. 


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