Bring Me The Horizon take their next steps with ‘Mantra’

Lets talk about Bring Me The Horizon, they’re back with a long awaited new song ‘Mantra’! This is their first release since their 2015 release of Thats The Spirit.

Their sound has taken a bit of a negative hit recently, the words hipsters and selling out have been thrown around. I wonder whether the hipster comment is more to do with the fact Oli has had a small image change, cut his hair and dyed it pink. However although they’ve changed from their early releases such as Pray for Plagues or Chelsea Smile, I think the new sound is still a good one. They’ve slowly progressed album by album from a screamo – metalcore sound that to this day wouldn’t have held up and probably would be getting a different lot of criticism. They are creating very different but unique music and although people may not like this, Bring Me The Horizon won’t be able to please everyone and that they will make the music they want to.

Mantra seems to be the next logical step in the direction they are taking as it is still a very similar sound to That’s the Spirit.  It has the heavy sound but with more electronica thrown in and Oli’s voice sound more gravelly and crackly than before. Though its not the ground breaking release many fans thought it might be, it’s still hitting the right chords.

I can already see this being amazing live and along with this release they have announced a tour including two dates at London’s Alexandra Palace. I’d always suggest seeing them no matter the size of the venue, I’ve seen them in a tiny venue in Swindon to killing it at Alexandra Palace, these lads know how to put on a show and I’m intrigued to see where they go next with this album.

Words – Lucie Marsh

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