Brixton’s best band finally release music

Black Midi have developed quite the name for themselves. The south London based four-piece have done something rare to see these days, they have built a buzz without releasing any music online. Other than a few videos of live sets on YouTube it seemed the only way you could discover what the math meets noise rock quartet actually sounded like was to pop down to a gig. That gig would most likely have been at The Windmill in Brixton, a venue that is a hotbed for creativity where bands are allowed to experiment. Shame cut their teeth at The Windmill, Sorry have played many a show on the low stage and bands like Rat The Magnificent are regulars. The Windmill prides itself on giving music a chance, and interesting music too. Black Midi are just the latest band to make a home of the pub turned venue and to use it as a place to hone their skills.

‘bmbmbm’ is the internets first chance to properly hear a clean, properly produced effort and it does not disappoint. The track perfectly justifies the hype. I can understand if this is the first time you have heard Black Midi then you would be baffled. The riffs are robotic and repetitive, the vocal delivery is completely unique and off the wall and the lyrics are minimalist at best but there is still something special about ‘bmbmbm’.

There are flashes of Morgan Simpson’s crazed drumming but we also see the controlled side of him that holds the band together. It is rare a drummer gets spoken about first but he is key to the unique sound Black Midi have. Without a steady hand on the tiller Black Midi could easily just get washed out to see but what Simpson also does so well is create a controlled chaos like no other. It is worth seeing Black Midi live for his drumming alone. Then on top of the drums, you have the perfectly timed bass and guitar riffs, playing in tandem and creating a marching rhythm but one with funk. To finish off the unique sound you have the aggressive, howled vocals which seem to make no sense but all the sense in the world at the same time. The lyrics are baffling and bemusing in equal measure but then so are Black Midi. I cannot put into words why I love this band so much but I do and you should too.

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