By Devices – ‘I Need to WIN’

Birmingham-based band By Devices have released their recent offering ‘I Need to WIN’ which shows their sense of urgency and drips with passion. 

Five-piece band By Devices have already shown the world how great they are. With their recent singles ‘Police the Police’ and ‘Glad You Called’ being both massive successes, they took it upon themselves to delve even further into their own charismatic music with their brand new single ‘I Need to WIN’. 

Taking their influences from Bloc Party and the Arctic Monkeys, ‘I Need to WIN’ drips with guitar-heavy riffs, euphoric hooks as they thrive and create fast-paced bliss in its true glory.

Full of abrupt melodies, this single is a stunner that showcases their talent perfectly. Tapping into their senses, they’ve created a song that will be a fan-favourite when we can get back to normality and gigs again. By Devices welcome back some of the well-missed and loved guitar music that we simply need.



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