Call Me Loop – ‘Rosé’

Call Me Loop releases the stunning Rosé. Bubbly to its core, the track completes a trifecta of releases in 2020 for the British artist, following June’s ‘Strike’, and ‘Downhill From Here’, which aptly dropped in February.
‘Rosé’ is a tonic for troubled times. Originally slated for an August release, the track instead finds itself emerging in the midst of a bleak and wintry national lockdown, supplying a much-needed dose of contagious optimism, reminding us that joy is right around the corner.
An anthem for the summer that never was, ‘Rosé’ sounds like it’s soaked in sunlight. Up-tempo and unrelenting, the song is brimming with good vibes as Call Me Loop captures her insatiable need to be reunited with her lover, as she muses “it’s about time that I got a happy end, ’cause I’ve been waiting for you for a hundred days”. With infectious hooks and dynamic production, Call Me Loop has her gaze set firmly on the future. She’s hungry for the thrills of love and romance, and nothing can get in her way.
Hosting an intimate listening party via Zoom on Wednesday evening, Call Me Loop treated fans to a first taste of the song as well as a live acoustic performance, which hit the sweet spot. The artist also took the time to connect with fans and answer burning questions, such as any alternative titles that Rosé had previously (‘Drop Of Your Love’, but changed when her brother had the lightbulb moment of ‘Rosé’, likening it to Drake’s Passionfruit).
The cover art was sourced all the way from Brazil, after discovering his Dua Lipa fan art and asking if he’d curate a mix of ‘Hollywood glamour and French Riviera’ for ‘Rosé’. Highlighting a nostalgic, vintage twist to the artist’s style, this further proves Call Me Loop’s versatility, as with each release, she flips between broody (‘Business’, ‘Strike’), to sassy (‘Silly Boy’, ‘Self Love’)
and full-blown Pop Superstar (‘Give ‘n’ Take’, ‘Love The Lie’).
‘Rosé’ is tour-de-force superstardom condensed into a bitesize pop banger. On the song, Call
Me Loop sounds like a coiled spring under the weight of a restricting year; lying in wait but
energised, she’s ready to unleash her effervescent optimism into 2021.
Call Me Loop has yet to release a debut album, so keep your eyes peeled, and your ears
pricked; and open that bottle, baby, because your evenings are about to become a whole lot

Jay Hawkridge
Michael Anderson

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