Callow Youth – ‘Over Your Head’

Callow Youth closed 2020 strong with their exciting and unchained new single ‘Over Your Head’.

So, it’s been a minute since we’ve heard any new material from the Mancunians, Callow Youth, well a bit more than a minute but they aren’t exactly on borrowed time. Let them reintroduce themselves, with ‘Over Your Head’, and what better way to kick the single off than with Tom Hilton’s lush guitar tones with a cheeky twang on them.

Alfie Turner truly releases himself on the massively liberating chorus with his vocals; backing vocals are in the perfect places and it seems they make everything fit perfectly into place. Callow Youth have remained confident after their absence and still manage to find the perfect balance in their music – just like Alfie says in the track “It doesn’t get much better than this”.


Jack McGill
Deputy Editor

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