Candid – ‘Numbers Game’

Coventry band and four-piece Candid have released one of their most honest and boisterous songs yet.

Candid have had a lot of things thrown at them as they continue their wild and so far, a successful journey within the music industry, to name one of them, their headline show at Coventry Empire was postponed due to Covid-19: it was set to be their largest show to date. Fortunately, the show will be going ahead in September next year which is a long way to wait but the longer the wait, the better. Anticipation at its finest. However, this long, tormenting lockdown hasn’t been all that bad for the friendly four, Radio One’s Huw Stephens gave them a spin on his Introducing show which has spiraled their career into a perfect rollercoaster that is only going up at this point.

Candid’s perfect discography holds songs that are unskippable and addictive and you’d have thought their last single ‘Pulling Away’ had shown their very best but of course, every single time they step it up a notch and create something so great that it never gets boring.

Credits – Garry Jones

‘Numbers Game’ is an honest, alluring piece of art that is sprinkled with boisterous beats and lyrics that can only describe the darkness of the music industry in the most transparent way possible. Frontman Rob Latimer doesn’t beat around the bush when he’s being upfront and trying to make a statement.

“Surrounded by numbers just to prove your worth”

 They haven’t strayed away from their Candid, guitar-heavy sounds – you can tell it’s them but they’re powerful more than ever with their dramatic and striking chorus that oozes with passion and fire. And with a bridge so creepy and captivating as Rob sings “they’re gonna find you, they’re gonna suss you out”, it’s jolted back into the final chorus that is perfectly done.

It may seem like I say it every single time Candid release something, but the Coventry four have outdone themselves again and they’re only going to get better.



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