Candid release punchy new single ‘Pulling Away’

It’s been four years on since Candid released their debut single ‘Moving On’, which was the beginning of their first chapter and an enticing start of a story that has gradually got more exciting. There have been a few explosive chapters which meant finding themselves, creating their own sound to the point where you’d go “ah, this is Candid!” without even having to have a look who it is because quite simply they create guitar heavy, euphoric beats dominated by front-man Rob Latimer’s voice. Beautiful.

‘Time Will Tell’ and ‘Concrete Jungle’ accelerated them into becoming one of the greatest new and upcoming bands in not just Coventry, but the country and their sold out show at the Coventry Empire (which is still yet to happen) has put them on the map.

Their new number ‘Pulling Away’ doesn’t stray away from the classic “Candid sound”, but it sure does sound bigger and better. The way the smooth, crisp-driven verses erupt into the chorus – a powerful landslide of effortless, synth-y waves is a perfect concoction of sounds woven with stunning but strong vocals.

It’s punchy, brisk and magical. It’s Candid.


Words: Geo Blackman 

Cover art work: Rob Latimer


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