Album Review: Shame – ‘Drunk Tank Pink’

The album conjured in the “womb”, Shame’s youngest child ‘Drunk Tank Pink’ is born.  ★★★★★/5 It’s been three long and gruelling years since the release of Shame’s debut album ‘Songs of Praise’, two years of exhausting touring for the band, and one of reoccurring isolation when their sophomore was planned to be delivered to us. [...]

Album Review: Brits & Pieces

New music champion Marc Rossiter creates an independent album 'Brits & Pieces' in which unsigned bands from around the country have been compiled to celebrate some of the freshest and, newest bands. Inspired by the compilation albums of the 90s, Rossiter became a strong advocate for new music and emerging talent. At a time where [...]

Reputation in Retrospect

Perhaps with Taylor Swift’s sixth studio album, the analogy ‘never judge a book by its cover’ has never been more deserved. 'Reputation' sells itself as a boisterous depiction of a woman so confident and unforgiving, she is pursued by infamy. Behind this façade, the album reveals itself to be a story of love when it [...]

Album Review: LÉON – ‘Apart’

'Apart', released 30th October, is the Swedish singers’ second studio record, forged earlier this year in a state of isolation. Following a grueling tour schedule that allowed enough distraction to keep the rain of a break-up far enough away, finding herself back within a comfortable four walls forced LÉON to break. And despite what the [...]