Catfish and The Bottlemen: “Longshot” has no identifiable trace of spirit.

After three blissful years of radio silence, Catfish and The Bottlemen released their newest single “Longshot” a couple of days ago.

Despite the flop of their sophomore album “The Ride”, of which The Guardian said: “some albums offer a mouthwatering smorgasbord of ideas and possibilities. The Ride dishes up meat and potatoes served 12 ways.”, Catfish made the conscious decision of coming out with another album.

This single is no different from their previous one: bland, whiny, and with no identifiable trace of spirit. Each verse is all a slump while the ‘anthemic’ chorus feels as if it is on a leash.

In a recent radio interview, Van McCan said the single referred to the idea of “taking a chance on something and it paying off big time”, explaining that even before recording the song he could imagine the crowd singing along and in the band’s defence, it is a very catchy single that will have your feet thumping, but it is so unremarkable and fleeting, there’s a big chance you will find yourself forgetting the song as soon as it ends. That’s if Radio 1 doesn’t overplay it until you have no choice but to sing along to it at every festival Catfish and The Bottlemen are bound to be part of this summer.

In other words, save yourself three minutes and fifty-seven seconds and skip it.

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