Cherry Glazerr – ‘Big Bang’

The LA-based American rock band have spontaneously released their new single ‘Big Bang’, after releasing their first single ‘Rabbit Hole’ back in January, since the release of their quaternary album ‘Stuffed & Ready’ in 2019.

With this new era comes a new sound, for the band. Empowering front-woman, Clementine Creevy is back and better than ever with the captivating new track, and I must say I have no doubt that it’s going to show up in my ‘On Repeat’ playlist. 

The new track ‘Big Bang’, was recorded with Jennifer Decilveo (Anne-Marie, Hinds, Beth Ditto, Porridge Radio) in 2020. After a six-second acoustic guitar introduction – this addictive tune introduces the most ethereal beat I have heard in a while – Clementine’s exquisite vocals certainly steal the show in this song. Not to mention how overwhelmingly divine the bass (Patrick Kelly) and drums (Tabor Allen) compliment her voice. If you thought Creevy’s enchanting voice and the intensely compelling instruments wasn’t enough, ‘Big Bang’ features a magical bass synth.

Clementine speaks about ‘Big Bang’ and explains that “some of the songs take on a lot of forms until they finally end up the way they do and this is definitely one of those. It lived a few different lives for sure, I just kept changing up the rhythms until I was like ‘oh yeah that’s it right there!

I wanted to give it a sort of early ‘aughts pop production feel, with the interplay between the acoustic guitar figure and the bass synth and the 808 hits during the choruses” Clementine mentions. “The lyrics came from feeling like I was growing apart from someone who was close to me in my life, and the song is essentially about heartache, but it’s euphoric at the same time. That’s what I like about it – the intensity of those very personal feelings paired with a sort of huge exposed energy. I feel like I was able to let a lot out with this song. It feels really special to me


Imogen May

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