Cherryade – ‘Only Fan / Sick!’

Cherryade is back with a double single release recorded through lockdown and a self-produced mixtape set for release later in the year.

The first song from this release, ‘Only Fan’ is a tongue-in-cheek bop about the online site Only Fans, which sex workers use to sell content such as pictures, videos and personalised videos to “fans” for a monthly subscription.

In this song we hear Ella (one half of Cherryade) singing to her “fans”, telling them to put all of their digits in as you know that she is worth it. ‘Only Fan’ is a fun, sex empowering song with a side of feminism to it which is needed in the pop world right now.

‘Sick’ is the second song from this release which focuses on something which we, unfortunately, all know too well: Corona. Singing about how this song is “sicker” than Corona and how they as a pair are toxic, the track is also about keeping her Vagina quarantined as all the dumb boys want it – it’s a fun way of singing about such a negative situation we are all currently living in.

Ella also sings about how she heard them “wanking to my song” and how her voice is a turn on, which gives you an idea of their horny fanbase whilst poking fun at this situation. ‘Sick’ is an earworm bop which makes you want to get back on those sticky dancefloors on a Saturday night, but until then, I’m sure it will have many people dancing in their house.

Both songs are absolute bops which lead down the PC Music Genre, and I am certain the rest of their EP, when released, won’t disappoint!


Dave Wright

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