Chicago band Twin Peaks release their new single ‘What’s The Matter’

American indie-rock band from Chicago, Twin Peaks, are releasing their latest single ahead of new EP ‘Side A’, named ‘What’s The Matter’. Formed in 2010, the band have already contributed to Chicago’s music scene, with Ethan Johns taking them one step further and recording their most recent (2019) album ‘Lookout Low’ in Wales – it makes sense that Johns would want to work with Twin Peaks, looking at previous artists he’s worked with (e.g., Kings of Leon, Kaiser Chiefs, The Vaccines and Tom Jones, who isn’t really in this particular music scene, but cool, right?).

Not unlike British Blossoms, the Twin Peaks fit into that niche area of indie rock that pleases almost every, if not all sets of ears. A refreshing sound that isn’t easily achievable by most, and yet, like the aforementioned Blossom’s, Twin Peaks have managed to achieve and develop a sound that will forever recognised as theirs. If we were in the 90’s, their music would be classed as cult classics.

‘What’s The Matter’ keeps all of the Twin Peaks original sounds, yet adds an element of playful synth tones dancing around the drum beats. It’s a tune that’s hard to explain – I’m sure I can hear some sort of wind instrument in there, and I’m telling you, it’s wonderful. It’s a song that you find yourself in sync with despite it being the first time you’ve heard it, its predictable in its beat in a way that encompasses the mellow simplicity of the song and enhances the vocals of frontman Cadien Lake James. It’s what I would put in my ‘easy listening’ playlist, and probably every other playlist too, it’s one of them songs that people will ask, “What’s this song?” Which, I think, are the best kind of songs, by the way.

With their debut album being dubbed the ‘next big thing’ by NME (I know, right?), and James and Dolan’s participance in what inspired Chance the Rapper’s first mixtape 10 Day (if you want to find out that tale check out their Wiki page), it seems unlikely that you wouldn’t give them a listen – but either way, Twin Peaks are one to watch.

Words: Nhia Brown 

Image Credit: Anthena Merry 

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