Childcare: A journey to personal glory

Tired? Stressed? Generally fed-up of modern living? You need Wabi-Sabi, this Japanese method of thinking focuses on Transience and imperfection, and it is sweeping the nation. With the power of personal glory, you can float above your problems and see life with a brand new perspective. This is what happens when you become one of The Children. 

The leaders of this group are known as Childcare, Their latest meeting was at Scala in London, as they brought their Wabi-Sabi tour to the big smoke. The crowd was in awe as the West London four piece owned the stage. Their dreamy, groove filled tunes have an almost hypnotic vibe, they are understated yet still manage to pack a massive punch. Although it seems to have gone slightly under-the-radar, their debut album, Wabi-Sabi is in my opinion one of the best albums of 2019. It is full of irresistibly catchy songs that will both relax you, and get you up and dancing. The album plays out like a mindfulness exercise, beginning with the 25 second long Inhale, where you are taken through some breathing exercises, it is atmospheric and calming and is the perfect precursor to the fantastical funky Omega Grey. Each song has such a distinctive sound and groove which makes the album a really exciting listen that stays fresh each time you listen to it (and I’ve listened to it a whole lot, so you can trust me.). Sugarcane is one of the highlights of the album. It has an insanely catchy melody that it will hook itself into your head and stay there all day. 

Both Ed and Emma have beautiful voices, Emma’s vocal performance on the track Bamboo blows me away, the first time I saw that song live I was left speechless. The silky sounds of their voices really enhance the already wonderful melodies.

I got the chance to see Childcare four times in 2019 and each time I was blown away all over again. One of the highlights of their live set was the Personal Glory Section, it is a wonderful and peaceful time. I won’t spoil it, but it is definitely one of the most memorable gig experiences I have ever had. If you couldn’t tell by this article, I think they are criminally underrated and you should all go and listen to Wabi-Sabi and see them live at every opportunity.


Words: Alex Thomson 

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