Chvrches return with new single ‘Get Out’

Chvrches are a band you can rely on. Since their explosion onto the scene in 2013 Lauren Mayberry and co. have consistently released electronic indie pop bangers. New single ‘Get Out’ follows suit and falls right into place amongst the rest of their back catalogue.

‘Get Out’ is the first single from upcoming album ‘Love is Dead and as ever, the song is full of small and incidental synth melodies over a thumping drum beat with a reverb heavy snare. The fuzzy, distorted synth hook is a little grating after the first listen and the claps feel a bit cliche but other than that Chvrches return is solid. It’s nothing I couldn’t have predicted but Chvrches have a winning formula so why would they change it?

Musically I’m a big fan of Chvrches return, the production is great, the programming well done and Mayberry’s vocal performance is of top quality as usual. However, the lyrics are usually disappointing. Chvrches lyrics have always felt somewhat interesting to me, Mayberry’s seeming obsession with using body parts as metaphors always interested me and passion always seemed to prevail. ‘Get Out’ has lyrics that seem way too on the surface, the chorus basically consists of Mayberry repeating the title over and over again.

Chvrches have returned with another solid song that would get me dancing if a friend put it on, I just wish there was more substance to it. I’m hopeful for what we can expect from ‘Love Is Dead’, after all the lead single is always the most commercial and radio heavy. Maybe those lyrics I want are buried deep on the album.

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