Circa Waves are back!

Circa Waves are back and doing things and making moves!

A few years back I tweeted out that it had taken me about 3 years to realise that the chorus to hit single T-Shirt Weather was in fact ‘I REMEMBER T-SHIRT WEATHER!’ and not as I had been shouting in indie clubs and functions, ‘I REMEMBER HOT SCHOOL DINNERS!’ which in hindsight was extremely dumb and to this day I still feel like a massive idiot. What makes it even worse is that my friends all knew that I was shouting and singing the wrong words with a big grin on my face as I really do remember hot school dinners, and they said nothing and they knew. 

Which is why I really do need to re-evaluate my friendships and my accurate hearing of indie-pop bangers but there isn’t really any time for that at the moment as we’ve destroyed the planet and our days are numbered before we all perish in a big ball of fire and all we really have is each other so we all have to be friends in the grand scheme of things.
I tweeted this out, and Circa Waves found it so funny that they DM’d me and gave me free tickets to a festival they were playing at, and I was going to take my girlfriend but she had other plans with someone else (yes, LIKE THAT) and I didn’t want to go alone, plus I was extremely embarrassed about the entire ordeal. Thanks anyway Circa Waves!

In April of this year, they released What’s It Like Over There? which, as mediocre as I thought it was, had some strong highlights, and as much as I love a band leaving their comfort zone, it’s always a hit or miss decision, and that record had them becoming less of a sun-soaked tinnies in the park band to a more ‘I need to run to this girls house in the middle of the night in the pouring rain to tell her sorry for something I did that upset her and I need a soundtrack to do it, and hopefully I bump into other Paper Towns look-a-likes on the way’. Some might feel that though, I just have no idea why they would past the age of 12.

HOWEVER, they have just released an EP titled What’s That Left Over There? with 2 new tracks included, and the 2 stand-out tracks from WILOT? (Times Won’t Change Me and The Way We Say Goodbye),  reworked into more acoustic numbers with more of a melancholic touch to them, and my word IT WORKS WONDERS. An already solid effort in The Way We Say Goodbye is changed into something that completely bypasses the original to the point where you’re left thinking ‘Why did they just not start like that?’.
New additions Hunters and Something More are decent inclusions, Hunters throwing up a much needed injection of lo-fi indie pop into the Circa Waves job application, Something More is as the title suggests, and a synthesizer based formula they should perhaps stick with if they are to stray from their original sound.


Kieran Shudall had this to say on the EP: “Here are a couple of tunes that we felt a little too laid back to have on the main record but we still adored them and wanted the music to be released into the ether. We also reworked ‘Times Won’t Change Me’ into an acoustic wonder and ‘The Way We Say Goodbye’ into a piano ballad, both of which you can enjoy whilst crying into your cornflakes”.

What do you think? Are you a fan of Circa Waves? What are your views on the quick fire system of releasing and dropping music spontaneously, and how do you think it has impacted the music industry in the last 20 years? Do you remember hot school dinners? Does the ever impending doom of our future unless we drastically change our lifestyles around worry you? Does anything really matter in the big picture? Did you go to Reading and/or Leeds? Are you done with your ex? Don’t go back to him, you deserve so much better! Seen any cute dogs lately? Also, are you doing anything later? Do you fancy a pint? I really like what you’ve done with your hair!

Let us know!


Words: Roscoe Martin 

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