CLOVES – ‘Manic’ (Live)

CLOVES shows herself in her most vulnerable state under dim lights in her live performance of emotional ballad ‘Manic’ 

Sometimes we all have to have the most uncomfortable conversations with ourselves and others when it comes to feeling under the weather – musician CLOVES soaks herself in sentiment and emotion in her single ‘Manic’ that was released earlier this month. 

Explaining the reasoning behind the track, Kaity Dunstan says, “Manic isn’t meant to be coherent, it’s written like a spiralling mood/feeling that you’re struggling to articulate to yourself and others, it’s lack of punch line is its meaning, it’s ‘idk what’s going on in my head but everything feels wrong, we wanted to give that feeling by stringing together oddities, words to throw sentences off balance, that’s also why it’s the first track and opens the album because it’s so unresolved.”

Soaking up the feeling of finally being able to get stuck into a live performance, she is presented under dim lights, she loses herself and creates a creepy but gorgeous atmosphere. 

CLOVES’ unnamed sophomore album is set to be released later this year. 



Image credits: Furmaan Ahmed

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