CLOVES – ‘Sicko’

London-based Australian singer/songwriter Kaity Dunstan, better known as CLOVES, has released the second single from her widely anticipated sophomore album, which is set to be released later on this year via Interscope Records.

‘Sicko’ is the perfect example of modern pop, with hints of contemporary electro which together create the ultimate sci-fi piece, as well as an avant-garde sound through her use of experimentation. Heavily loaded with synth and drums, the track is a lot darker than its predecessors, and not just in sound.

The lyrics touch upon the singer’s personal battle with mental health issues, most noticeably through the line “inside I’m dying,” which could link to both the physical and mental pain that mental health issues often bring with them. Delving deeper into her struggles with mental health, to recite the lyrics, she says “can’t hear what you’re saying” and “I’m happy when I don’t go out” as if she is struggling with self-isolation.

What stood out to me the most in this track is the repetition of “every now and then, I get a little bit crazy,” which reverberates throughout the song as if her voice isn’t being heard by anybody but her, sending her crazy in the period of isolation – encapsulating certain feelings which a lot of people are commonly struggling with.

CLOVES’ music sounds very similar to Billie Eilish; both in style, as well as theme. They exude the same vivacity and I feel as if the issues they write about are alike.

This song will most definitely help somebody who feels isolated, just like CLOVES does.


Imogen May

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