Cool Like Blossoms

Blossoms are back! This year we heard they were nearly finished with the album and then threatened with twitter spats and break up rumours, it seems that was all just for publicity as this Friday, the 5 piece from Stockport released “Cool Like You”.

This album has a very 80s feel to it, wouldn’t be out of place in an upbeat episode of Stranger Things. My favourite track changes the more I listen to it and its a perfect summer album. I can’t wait till I’m dancing in a field, cider in hand and listening to it live.

My top tracks from this album include; “Theres a reason why”, this is the second release from the album. When I heard it for the first time, I knew this was instantly a certified banger. It also has a great video to go along with it, including a fantastic choreographed group dance. “I just imagined you”, This song is incredible, catchy and one I can’t stop singing. Its quite upbeat but one to make feel. “I cant stand it” the first release from this album, a great comeback song, I needed more after hearing it and got me excited or the impending album. Lastly, my absolute favourite is “Unfaithful”, it’s a belter of a song, its the one song on the album I had to repeat a couple of times before I moved on, its so 80’s and super synth.

As a whole the album is catchy, there isn’t a song you won’t find yourself humming to at some point. Some of the songs are a bit slower and chilled such as ” Stranger still” and “Love talk” but still have that summery 80’s indie vibe. This album resonates with me as I have gone through a break up this year and going through the whole meeting new people/crushes, there seems to be a similar theme running through the album. Its not just great to dance to, its going to make you feel as well. They have also released this album as a Deluxe release with the whole album in acoustic, completely changes some of the songs and makes the album really chilled so really you almost have two new albums to check out.

This definitely wasn’t the typical difficult second album.

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