Crawlers – ‘Hush’

Liverpool indie rock outfit Crawlers have just dropped upon us their third and latest single ‘Hush’ A short, sweet, and energy filled track that just could not have been written by anyone but Crawlers. Despite coming in at just 2:14, this song still packs all the signature style and swagger of their previous singles, ballsey riffs, laid over a solid punchy bassline, and singer Holly Minto’s oh so sassy vocals.

Frontwoman Holly Minto said: “The way we write songs is quite eclectic, we came into the rehearsal space with an idea of a riff-based song, and Liv (bassist) came up with this catchy riff and we all started bouncing ideas off each other to clean it up and create the track it is today. lyric-wise Hush’ covers the idea of finally catching feelings again after getting over someone who has consumed your interest for a long time. It refers to the first spark when meeting someone new: the encounter that helps you realise the possibility of loving again, where the chorus explodes how intense these feelings can be and my response of dissociation

As a music journalist, you have to be frugal when claiming such things about a band, but, there are big things in the future for these guys. So far each of the three singles they have available on Spotify, certainly press the right buttons for an ever-growing number of other listeners, at the rate their going Crawlers are certainly a band you ought to have your eye on!


Alex Jump

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