Crystal Tides – ‘Courtney Love’

South-Coast indie-poppers Crystal Tides make their return with their energetic new single ‘Courtney Love’ 


Following up from their previous releases ‘Monday’ and ‘Ex’, Crystal Tides haven’t been strangers to a bunch of radio play from the likes of Virgin Radio keeping them on their playlists for three weeks running, their fast-moving music career is full steam ahead. 

Their new offering ‘Courtney Love’ is a candid tune about the exploitation of young artists like themselves which many other young bands seem to go through. And as they battle their way through the grim reality of the music industry, ‘Courtney Love’ packs a punch and carries their passion and energy along perfectly. 

Strong vocals from frontman Billy Gregory holds this track together, with his belting voice “I’m taking over, overwhelming circumstances, now that I’m a little bit older, you don’t matter now!” he honestly coos and gets his point across perfectly – the huge guitar hooks and addictive rhythm are bittersweet and weaves themselves around each other.

Billy talks about ‘Courtney Love’: “Funnily enough the song has absolutely nothing to do with ‘Courtney Love’. That being said the title reflects what the song is about majorly for us. It’s about fighting against people who take advantage of young musicians in the industry. It’s an important topic for all of us at Crystal Tides​, one that we feel very strongly about. Some people would expect us to not go for a song title like ​‘Courtney Love’ ​because of all the controversy around her but we think it gives room for questions and interesting answers which all adds to that important story of ours! We want something that people want to question and have an opinion on. That’s the beauty of art and that’s one of the things that makes it memorable. We want to make a statement!”





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