Cucamaras – ‘Window Seat’

Cucamaras drop new single ‘Window Seat’, and it’s sure to open up some memories for a lot of us. 

The band give us a blast from the past with this track with it taking heavy influence from The Strokes’ ‘Is This It’ era. ‘Window Seat’ uses the iconic distorted sounds that we all know and love from back then. Despite taking these influences they still manage to grab the sound by the horns and make it their own by adding their own personal and inspiring message to it.

“The blinds don’t block out any sun, my eyes don’t like it but the day has begun” is relatable, waking up knowing it’s time to get out of bed. It sounds like such a simple task but to some people, it’s not, and they recognise that even little tasks can be a struggle.

The catchy chorus “I need to think more, drink less, eat better, and work out. Talk about my feelings and forget about what you said.” Making the subject of actually looking after yourself poetic whilst reminding people that their words have weight and can cut deep sometimes.

Cucamaras combine two elements in the track that nobody ever really has and make it work. Resulting in an absolute masterclass of wise words and killer string work.

Steam ‘Window Seat’ via the link below:

Jack McGill
Deputy Editor

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