DAME – ‘Cold Water’

Filled with keyboards and vibrant rhythm, Birmingham indie-poppers DAME are poised to release their latest number ‘Cold Water’.

The vibrant Brum outfit flood our ears with ‘Cold Water’ as they submerge our pandemic with a lust for summer. The glistening new release has you having mirages of a clear blue pool, floating whilst the energetic keyboard rhythm succumbs to your inner peace. The latest indie-pop has everything to make the sunshine in your bleak autumn days; an energetic beat, wooing vocals and catchy lyrics. It’s safe to say for someone who is not a big pop fan, DAME has me immersing myself in this track as it just fills me with visions of escaping into the sunset, away from reality and into the vocals of lead singer Shannon.

I can see why the band designed this alluring release as “an anthemic cry to move forward and let go of the past” as it just makes you want to drop everything and dive into a pool of confetti in the middle of Fiji – it really makes you nostalgic about those beachside barbeques.

It does what its intention stated; drowning out all the toxicity in your life and replacing it with a more vibrant, blissful outlook, making you appreciate everything more than ever. The substance of the songwriting can be emphasised by the mystical lyrics of “…I’m treading the waters till you get over it…”. The substance and structure of ‘Cold Water’ are just magnificent, and what is needed more than ever to give us a dose of vibes. For me, the beat of this song and the rhythm supplied by the keyboards as well as the intricate bass line is what stands out the most in this song. The rhythm from the keyboard, especially, is a necessity for you to get your summer mojo back. And the beat provides your day with an extra boost of energy that you has hopping in the clouds, to then come back to ride waves of the ‘Cold Water’.

What’s very memorising of this release is the vibrancy, and specifically, the colours used in DAME’s Instagram to promote the upcoming release. The aqua is what you are overwhelmed with when listening to that rhythm that has been sugar-coated with the chorus that will be embedded in your head – “get over it, get over it”. I can assure you you’ll be finding yourself singing it in your sleep. The Birmingham group will most definitely lift-off after this release, and there is no doubt it will be a hit with loyalist listeners and definitely attract new listeners to the band’s refreshing journey onto many playlists.

This new sweet tune is a must-listen for fans of Sigrid, Pale Waves, SKIA and SWIM DEEP. Intertwining alt-pop with catchy songwriting, you do not want to miss out on this latest track from DAME. ‘Cold Water’ is going to create waves amongst listeners, blossoming a revival of the B-Town scene – something that 2020 needs.

Jack McKenna


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