DEADLETTER – ‘Fit For Work’

Yorkshire/London post-punk outfit DEADLETTER are the latest band to take a seat on the shaky wagon of 80s punk revival, mixing spoken word angsty lyrics with an electronic beat and distorted guitars.

Their recent single ‘Fit For Work’ is like a laser beam through the callous excuse the DWP used because they were too tight to hand out to those who couldn’t physically be in employment. The beat alongside the John Cooper-Clarke like lyrics creates the image of dodgy lads stomping their creepers down to Whitehall, dressed in leather jackets with slicked-back hair, to have a one-to-one punch up with Iain Duncan Smith.

The contrast between a synthesised distorted verse and a chaotic chorus filled with the heavy banging of drums has your heart rate jumping up and down like a pogo stick on amphetamines. If adrenaline and anger had a lovechild, ‘Fit For Work’ would be it. I imagine if there was a montage about an ecstatic chimney-sweeper, this single would be the perfect soundtrack to that.

What I admire about DEADLETTER and other related bands – Fontaines DC to name one of few – is how the thick vocals fit hand-in-hand with a heavy drumbeat. The feeling you get from this song is the grim, the grit, and the grime that accompany the living conditions that have been imposed on the most vulnerable in society by this morally unsound government for the last decade or so. ‘Fit For Work’ has you wanting to join a picket, calling for the whole establishment’s head on a bamboo stick as well as a new forged desire to commit arson

This single is a must-listen for fans of Sleaford Mods, Cabbage, and Fontaines DC. Those who are looking to get into post-punk, I’d recommend this new release as a starter. Heavy drums, raw bass infused with distortion, and electric kicks are a great fix for when you’re walking through a barely lit subway at night.

Jack McKenna

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