Death Valley Girls – ‘The Universe’

Death Valley Girls release their single ‘The Universe’, it’s deep, cryptic, and magical. 

Death Valley Girls inspire us with staggering new single ‘The Universe’. Stretching out forever in all directions; the music remains constant and deep, like the ethereal cosmos it was written about. 

Mystical lyricism, almost like a prophet: cryptic and magical. Death Valley Girls seem to be explaining, from a higher power, the secrets of the universe. The way the universe exists through you, and everyone. How we are all connected and to not limit ourselves to the confines of individualism. 

In the beginning, there was nothing. But once growling drones rumble under euphoric synths, we expect something vast. Saxophones and broody bass guitar lay the foundations for the shrieking, piercing vocals that surround you.  

The sounds don’t seem to die away but morph and mutate into ever-changing shapes. A lo-fi sounding psychedelic anthem spilling wisdom. Reflecting the omnipotence and vastness of an ever-growing universe, using slow rising synths and developing sax lines, Death Valley Girls seem to have created a sonic universe that is uniquely theirs. 

‘The Universe’ is out now through Suicide Squeeze records. Catch them at their next London date in December at Moth Club.

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