Debris Discs – ‘Save My Life’

Save My Life is the latest serving from Debris Discs, the solo project from former Coves & Caves and My Side of the Mountain frontman James Eary.

Like a lot of music this year, ‘Save My Life’ was created amid “unprecedented times” whilst James was balancing working from home alongside homeschooling through lockdown.

A dreamy song with a gorgeous bassline that captures you, ‘Save My Life’ is a true wonder. It’s the type of track you imagine playing in the distance of a romantic scene, capturing the most intimate moments shared between the two main characters.

In the song, you hear James repeatedly sing, “Can you save my life?” in the midst of detailing the astonishing amount of dread he’s currently feeling, mixed in with feelings of overthinking.  The lyrics “Well you know me, and you think I’m fine, but now you see that I’m fading over time,” perfectly portray the feeling of the heartache and pain; emotions James is overly familiar with.

The song closes with: “Compress to revive when you save my life” which introduces a sense of faith that James has overcome this heartache, finally uniting with the person he truly loves.


Dave Wright

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